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We seek to prepare people to love GOD better, Love each other more, and Share the Good News of JESUS CHRIST.

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Hailey’s Comments


If you haven’t seen the movie:  “God’s not Dead,” you need to see it.  Your faith will be strengthened, I believe.  Also, Easter weekend, the movie “Heaven Is for Real” will be released.  This is a very thought provoking movie.  Do we really believe that heaven is real?  Then, what will it be like?  This movie challenges us to think about the reality of heaven—our goal!  The movie “Noah”  is getting people to talk about the biblical story.  We don’t have this many opportunities very often.  I hope you will take advantage of them.  

We want to offer a special welcome to all of our visitors.  You will always find a warm welcome here.  We hope and pray that our Bible study and worship time together will draw you closer to God.  If we can be of assistance to you please let us know and we will do the best that we can to help you.  When you can we hope that you will come back and worship with us.

Today, our lesson is entitled:  Gods of Me (6).  Daniel 4 is one of the most unique chapters in the entire Bible.  It’s written by a King that had a reputation as evil, pagan monarch.  His name was King Nebuchadnezzar.  The chapter begins with Nebuchadnezzar writing a worship song.  What happened?  How could this have happened?  Let’s examine the story of someone who truly worshiped the god of me and what lesson he learned.  I hope you will study along with us.

We are continuing our six week study of Prayer.  We will be considering the videos on prayer by Philip Yancey.  They are available on www.rightnowmedia.org.  We are having a panel discussion with Joseph Gannon, Norbert Vazquez and me.  We will combine the young adult class and the annex class for this study time.  Please come and be a part of this very important study.  Our lesson is today is entitled:  Prayer Problems (5).

Thanks to all those who prepared food for our monthly potluck.  You did an outstanding job.  It was a real treat!

Don’t forget our Care Groups meet this afternoon and evening.  I hope you will make plans to attend one today.  I know you will be glad you did.

I love you with the love of the Lord.                         Bob


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